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Noely Romero-Urdaneta


“I love to bake, design, decorate and be part of each and every important celebration that my family, friends and customers have”

My passion for sweets began at a very young age when I was accompanied and spent a lot of time with my Mom in the kitchen making desserts, especially cakes… I remember that we went to baking classes together in Our Parish, today she is my number One assistant. The passion for desserts continued at school and then at the University; when it was the birthday of some of my friends, I was always the one who made the cake and did my best to make the recipe beyond their expectations. According to my friends, my creations were irresistible and when it came the time to try that dessert, it was always a moment of mutual joy.

“I take great care of every detail to guarantee a quality, elegant and delicious creation”

As the years went by, my passion for baking grew, I was always searching, trying and inventing recipes, reinventing traditional family recipes, reading desert books. It wasn’t until I got married and then after my biggest and True Blessings came, our children Mayela, Carlos and Tomas,
that I decided that I would never buy a cake or cookies for my children’s parties, but instead I would create and design a beautiful Desert Table where the star is always the Cake when celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion. I am fascinated to see their faces when choosing and designing their cakes and cookies. Every day is a new challenge and a new adventure to continue learning, studying and preparing myself to do better each time, putting all the desire and love in everything I do, taking care of every detail to guarantee a Quality and Delicious Creation.

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